Is my personal and credit card information safe?

Yes. 360 Computers uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect your personal and credit card information. We do not store any of this information. 

Can my "Ship to" address be different than my "Bill to" address?

 For security purposes, your order will only be shipped to the address listed on your credit card billing statement.

Can I pickup my order in-store and bypass shipping costs?

Yes! If you prefer to pickup your item(s), select "In-Store Payment" from the drop down menu on the Shopping Cart as you checkout. We'll see you soon!

Does my credit card get charged immediately after check out?

When you order from our website we place a reserve on your credit card for the amount needed to complete the transaction. However, your credit card is not formally charged until the day your order ships. 

Do I get a receipt for my purchase?

Of course, we love paperwork!  You'll automatically receive an e-receipt of your purchase.  Please hold onto this for any product support or warranty purposes.

What are my payment options?

As much as we like pizza, donuts, chocolate bars, and coffee, our landlord and server-hosts not so much.  We prefer if you to pay via Visa, Master Card, Amex, Pay-Pal, Apple-Pay or cash in-store.

Credit Cards need to be issued from a Canadian institution & we can't accept pre-paid gift cards on our website.

How does my order get shipped? Where can 360 ship? Rates?

Love or loathe them, we use Canada Post for order fulfillment and ship within Canada with some limitations.

We try to make it as easy as possible for our customers by offering 3 flat shipping rates: 

1) $9.99 (Small i.e headsets) 

2) $14.99 (Medium i.e. laptops)

3) $19.99 (Large items i.e. printers)

Shipping rates are calculated at check-out, but prior to entering credit card information.

When can I expect to receive my order?

3~6 working days from time of order.  We promise to keep you informed and up-to-date during all stages of fulfillment. 

Once your order has been shipped you'll receive a friendly email with pertinent shipping & tracking details.

Can I order products over the phone?

Sure, no problem! When you do call, please have the applicable product information, shipping and payment information handy to help us serve you.  

If you complete a phone order, you'll still be required to complete payment via the online check-out or in our physical store.  We will not accept verbal credit card payments.


Products sold on adhear to their respective manufacture warranty.  If there's a problem with a product within 30 days of receipt you can return it for replacement.  The return or exchange of equipment is at the discretion of 360 Computers. We replace defective equipment with identical or superior product.  We reserve the right to either repair and/or replace said defective product.

Refurbished products comes with a 30 day replacement warranty unless extended warranty has been purchased. does not imply, suggest nor offer warranty above the specific products value in question.

Returns & Exchanges

We want to make 100% sure you're happy with your purchase and there's no buyers remorse. Returns for Credit & Exchanges are welcome within 10 days of original receipt of all un-opened product unless otherwise specified.  No returns on software purchases.

If the product(s) has been opened, damaged, missing accessories or packaging, a minimum 25% re-stock applies and or the return for credit or exchange request may be declined outright.

Once your RMA request has been approved you'll receive an email with formal return instructions.  No products(s) will be accepted for a return or exchange without corosponding RMA #. 

Shipping costs, round trip, for Return for credit and or Exchange, for either warranty or non-warranty purposes is borne by the end-user.

Are all items found on Refurbished?

Actually the majority of items found on our website are brand new with manufacturer's warranty. If the item you're purchasing doesn't clearly state "Refurbished" in the product description, it's brand new.


We charge applicable provincial sales tax whichever combination it may be depending on your province of residence.

EHF-EPRA environmental fees

Mother Earth is only second to our customers! Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) are charged on the sale and distribution of all new electronic products regulated in Manitoba and is paid at the time of purchase. If you purchase a product which a EHF is applicable, you will see it as a non-negotiable item during the checkout process.  

EHF fees reflect the cost to collect, transport and responsibly recycle each electronic product at the end of its useful life. The EHF is not a tax, nor is it a refundable deposit. 

Are items shown on your website "In-Stock" in-store?

Yes! 99% of the time :)

We don't utilize warehouse fulfillment or distribution center(s) services. We do it ourselves and this allows us to offer our the best and most responsive customer service possible.  

If your item is Not in stock upon order placement we'll be in touch ASAP to let you know and make alternative arrangements.